On Feeling Support

Brother Ghislain currently resides in Lubumbashi, Congo (DRC) where he does his studies and works in various ministries. In this clip he talks about what it means to feel the presence of God in his life and how his fellow Brothers support him in his talents. Transcript: “It is not easy to be at university[read more]

On Singing

Brother Felix is a novice at the Xaverian Brothers’ International Novitiate in Kipushi, Congo (DRC). In this clip he talks about the gift of his voice and how he shares that gift with his Brothers.[read more]

On The Formation Process

Brother Jean de la Croix Kalumba-Yena, C.F.X. works as part of the Formation Team in Bungoma, Kenya. In this clip he discusses a unique challenge to formation in Africa; the young man who enters out of a need to survive. Transcription: “In this country, mostly–African countries–people are surviving. The people are surviving. Sometimes, the men,[read more]

On Work & Prayer

Brother Roger Demon was, for many years, a Headmaster at the Brothers’ school in Bruges. He is currently at the international novitiate in Kipushi, Congo, working as part of the formation team. Transcript: “As far as work is concerned, nobody could reproach me not to have worked enough. But you, all of you, could reproach[read more]

On Kasenga

The Brothers started their mission in Kasenga in 1933, but had to withdraw in the 1970’s due to personnel shortages. But the Brothers returned in 2009. Brother Serge came to Kasenga soon after and has been teaching English and Music in the school there. In this clip he talks about the Brothers’ effect on the[read more]

On Needing Others

Brother Bonaventure Scully resides in Danvers, Massachusetts. In this clip he discusses the importance of others in our spiritual life. In order to more fully know ourselves, we need the feedback of others. That is community. Transcript: “So, I think, what’s in a person doesn’t always come out. It comes out by the way he[read more]

On The Gospel Life

Brother John Collins lives in Adams, MA and has served the Congregation as a Spiritual Director and Formator for many years. At one time in his life, he lived with, and was the caretaker of, two severely disabled young men. In this clip he briefly discusses the significance of that experience for his life as[read more]

On Restorative Justice

Brother Peter Donohue, C.F.X., now retired and living at Xaverian House in Danvers MA, ministered for many years in the American prison system. He managed the Education Department in Baltimore and also served in Los Angeles County for many years. He recounts the difficulty of getting people to see prisoners with the eyes of Jesus.[read more]