On Students in Likasi, DRC

Brother François is currently serving as Headmaster at the Complexe Scolaire Tutazamie in his hometown, Likasi, Congo (DRC). In this video clip Brother François speaks about how being from Likasi motivates him to prepare his students to encounter the broader economic and social issues in the town and the country. Transcript: “You know, the kids[read more]

On Being Byzantine Rite

Brother Clement currently resides at Xaverian House in Danvers, Massachusetts. In this clip he talks about his Ukrainian Catholic heritage and what that means to him as a Brother in a Roman Catholic religious order. Transcript: “When I was baptized in the Eastern Church, you are baptized, you are confirmed, and you are given your[read more]

2013 Jubilee Celebration Webcast

  The Jubilee Celebration took place on Saturday, June 8th in Xaverian Brothers High School in Westwood, Massachusetts. If you missed the mass, you’re in luck! We have a recording just below. Additionally, below we’ve posted the text of Brother Lawrence Harvey’s reflection from the ceremony.   Grant that we, who call on you in[read more]

The Closing of Xavier Center

Last Wednesday, Xavier Center in Danvers, Massachusetts commemorated its closing with a ceremony that brought together friends and Brothers. In the following clip Brother John Hamilton, C.F.X. and Brother Romeo J. Bonsaint, S.C. give their appreciation to those who participated in the many years of formation classes that took place at Xavier Center.[read more]

On The Great Pumpkin Thief

Brother Ed Keefe, C.F.X. tells the story of “The Great Pumpkin Thief,” a former student at St. John’s Prep. Brother Ed had to teach the boy a lesson, but to this day The Great Pumpkin Thief and Brother Ed are friends. The boy, now man, has given many gifts to the Congregation that supported Brother[read more]

On Changing the Plan

Brother Joe Pawlika, C.F.X. is a guidance counselor at Xaverian Brothers High School in Westwood, Massachusetts. In this clip he discusses his efforts to stay open to God’s presence in every moment, despite the plans he has made for his day. <strong><em>Transcript:</em></strong> “At the beginning of the day, I go to school pretty early and[read more]

On Xaverian Mission

Brother Marc Kabwita Mufuka, C.F.X. is on the formation team at the International Novitiate in Kipushi, Congo (DRC). In this clip he talks about his personal understanding of the Xaverian charism in mission. Transcipt: “Love and compassion…as a Xaverian Brother, I think it is our–what can I say–our quality, yeah, our quality to be there[read more]

Congregational Spirituality: Spiritual Exercises

Series Introduction ⎟ Presentation 1 ⎟ Presentation 2 ⎟ Presentation 3 ⎟ Presentation 4 This is the first presentation in a series of four presentations in preparation for the Xaverian Brothers’ 27th General Chapter in July 2013. The purpose of the presentations is to engage the members of the congregation in a continuing dialogue regarding the living[read more]

On Community & Cooking

Brother Anthony Nakhumwa Dindi is currently at the International Novitiate in Kipushi, Congo (DRC). Early in his life he learned to cook from his mother and took his skills to restaurant and hotel kitchens. There is developed a passion for all things culinary, and today he finds joy in cooking for his fellow Brothers. Transcript: “You[read more]