Dr. Perry Sangalli

Some of you many already be aware of the sad news we received on Sunday, May 5: Dr. Perry Sangalli, President of Saint Xavier High School in Louisville, Kentucky, passed away peacefully. Perry was recently diagnosed with advanced stages of colon cancer. His passing comes as a shock to all.[read more]

Easter Letter

The Easter Season is a time of joy and a time of hope. The signs of new life fill the senses. The post-resurrection stories of the disciples’ encounters with the Risen Lord intrigue me. They cause me to wonder, if I had been with the disciples, would I have recognized Jesus, the Risen Lord? The gospel story for Divine Mercy Sunday offers us a lot to ponder. We witness two apparitions of Jesus as Risen Lord.[read more]

Holy Week

As Holy Week begins, I pray that as a Community we grow in our intimacy with God as we accompany His Son, Jesus, through his passion, death and resurrection. May our reflections, prayers and conversations with Jesus this week renew our commitment ‘to live a life of love as disciples of Jesus’ as Brothers, Associates, Colleagues, and Friends in the Xaverian Congregation. As we prepare for Easter, I want to share a few reflections.[read more]

Christmas 2018 – Congregational Letter, Vol. VI, No. 3

The Christmas spirit is something I look forward to every year. Perhaps it is the child still in me! Something magical seems to fill the air. People seem kinder and more aware of others, and more caring about those in need. Even strangers seem friendlier. No doubt that the sounds of Christmas carols, the scent and sight of the pine trees decorated with brightly colored lights fill my senses and bring out the child in me. Yet, I also know there is something deeper to the Christmas spirit.[read more]

The Feast of All Saints

Proficiat to all the Saints I know! As the Church celebrates the Feast of All Saints, I want to wish everyone the blessings of the Feast. The commemoration of All Saints is very meaningful in the life of the Church as well as in our life as a Congregation. What prompted me to write to[read more]